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Drain Maintenance
Freedom Utilities provides services to a very wide variety of clients from housing associations to major construction sites and major water infrastructures. These widely differing businesses demand an equally wide range of maintenance requirements. We have extensive experience in the maintenance of assets from plumbing repairs, blocked drain clearance to large diameter sewer cleaning.

5 Reasons why you should have maintenance done:

1. Like it or not your drain will re-block, it's only a matter of time. When your drains are left to the point of blockage it is 5 times more likely that serious damage has taken place, increasing likelihood of excavation to carry out repairs or renewal.

2. Not all drains can be cleared; unfortunately 5 out of every 100 jobs we carry out are too severe to clear

3. Our PROVEN drain maintenance plan will save you MONEY, no “ifs or buts” about it.

4. We have a previous history of your drains, this saves time & money.

5. This offer is limited to availability; please call now to prevent missing out on this great offer.

Did you know that the average plumbing system is worth between 10% -15% of the total value of your home?
Now that is a big investment that needs to be safeguarded!

Questions we have been asked

Why do I have to have my drains cleared every year?
Most drains are blocked by tree roots. After the plumber has removed the tree roots with an electric eel or water jetter (recommended) they grow back thicker just like having a hair cut.

My drain is not blocked why do I need it checked?
Good question, a similar question I asked my Mechanic who services my Work Truck - “Why do I have to have my truck serviced again, It was done only 9 months ago” the reply is to prevent a costly breakdown & possibly losing the use of the truck.

How is a blocked drain similar to blowing up an engine in your work truck?
When a drain is left to the point of blockage the damage caused to the pipes can be extensive, in some cases the pipe can collapse while trying to clear the blockage.